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      Zhejiang Hongming Weaving Ribbon Co., Ltd. is Located in Ruian City Zhejiang Province, a famous high-developed city on the seashore of East China Sea, close to National Road 104 and and Yong-tai-wen Highway. It’s 25 Kilometers away from Wenzhou Airport. The transportation is very convenient for its superior geographical position. Hongming company is founded in 1992, which is a one of the biggest Velcro-making enterprise in East Asia ……
      The copyright all reserved in 2005:Zhejiang Hongming Weaving Ribbon CO.,LTD ADD:Dadianxia Industrial Development Zone,Ruian City,Zhejiang
      Tel:0086-577-65500774 65502588 65104666 65104999 65500888 Fox:0086-577-65500884 Email: